A few blocking things have finally been resolved and now I have a facebook page. Thanks to my Turkfest concert and Seval + Simge, I have a few nice photos of myself performing. Also the site where I host my music (bandcamp.com) finally came up with their facebook app. As a result I finally setup my facebook Musician Page. Check out http://www.facebook.com/BilgemMusic

The response from my friends have been overwhelming, I reached 110+ ‘like’s within the first 24 hours. I really wasn’t expecting this, I don’t know how to thank all of you. For starters, I promise not to fill your facebook news feeds with irrelavant spammy crap:)

There is some video material I am trying to prepare from live shows in the spirit of a “music video”. That is exciting for me, I hope it will be enjoyable for you when you see it, too.

I have received feedback from friends about not letting them know when my shows are. So I will also start posting my shows on the facebook page.

And now I really want to finish my EP.



Turkfest 2011 Concert

Posted: October 20, 2011 in gigs

Since the Antik concert in METU spring festival 2001, I hadn’t tasted the thrill of performing live with a band. It turned out to be even better than I had remembered it.

The set contained a lot of pop and folk songs that were way out of my comfort zone. But I think that added to the thrill of the experience.

As in every live show, various unexpected technical difficulties manifested themselves. Like a guitar string not breaking but stretching to the point of uselessness, monitors having completely uneven sound etc. But the sound that was heard by the audience was really good, and the engineers there did a great job setting up a 7 piece band (with 4 additional performers coming in for one song) in around 15 minutes. I am very greatful to those guys.

I must also express my gratitude to my fellow band members. They made this challenging experience fun and fulfilling.
Baris (drums) for introducing me to the band and the great fills in “Cayir Cimen”
Berk (bass) for providing the backbone of the music and his performance on two of my favorite songs (Yaz Yaz and Bir Derdim Var)
Batu (keys and management) for the solo piano at the end of Uzun Ince, for patiently working with me while we reverse engineer the new songs and teaching me the old songs. Also managing the not so visible, but impactful management side of things
Mert (vocals, percussion) for being a kick ass male tenor with a bass color (my favorite type of male singing voice) with plenty of “majun*” skills and sharing his great energy in studio and on stage.
Asli (vocals) for her peaceful and welcoming attitude, her emotional performance on “Bu ask fazla sana”, her patience with Opeth and for connecting me with a fellow metal head Alper.
Gunes (vocals, flute) for her greatly fun attitude in studio, for her Jethro-like flute, for the better-than-Funda-Arar performance of Arap Saci and for the tattoo parlor suggestions.
Tamer (percussion) for rekindling the Turkish rhythm in me with his darbuka.

I would also like to send a final greet to my dear wife Seval and dear friend Simge for shooting many videos and photos from the event.

I am planning to write a more detailed “behind the scenes” post for my Turkfest experience. Check back soon.

*Majun (macun): an informal term used in Turkish music scene to refer to melodic embelishments in Middle Eastern scales.

Two Shows in September

Posted: September 1, 2011 in gigs

Hello again my dear fans (I believe there is about 10 of you now šŸ™‚ )

For your musical entertainment, I will be playing two solo shows in September:

– Come hear me at SiS Showcase at Spotted Cow in Mill Creek on Sept 2 Friday at 7.00. I host this showcase and I take the stage the last. There is a great group of performers each with a 30 minute set: Bob Kopatich, Ed Moda, John Apolis and Leo Lie will be there.

– You can also check out SiS Showcase at Faire Cafe in Capitol Hill on Sept 8 Thursday at 9.00. This is gonna be a good show in a great location.

I plan to do some of my regular songs and some looper instrumental wizardry at these shows. So hopefully see you guys there šŸ™‚


There has been quite a few things since my last post. I played at the SiS Soulfood books showcase in July and I have two upcoming solo shows in September.

Last weekend we had a SiS BBQ at Chris’s and it was so much fun. About 20 Seattle Songwriters gathered under the nice weather for food and music. Met a few new musicians and had a great time.

I alsoĀ started playing in a band last month. It is a really unique band called “Sehr-i Seattle”. It is a Turkish Cover band that plays Turkish Pop/Folk/Rock songs. Talk about niche šŸ™‚ The band has 7Ā other musicians with unique talents. Except for the few rock songs in the set,Ā most of what we play thereĀ is way out of my element. But that is why I wanted to play with them in the first place. There is a lot to learn from every genre of music.

So I am gonna have a show with the band in October. More info on that later. Right now we are trying to get ready for the show and thereĀ are many new songs to learn for me.

This whole thing made me realise how much I have missed playing with a band. Doing solo acts is fun too, but the live interplay of a bunch of instruments, the energy of a band playing together is something else.

Anyway enough update for now.

I went to this cool coffee and ice cream shop to see a bunch of local musicians a few months ago. That’s how I met Songwriters in Seattle which I wrote about a few posts before. And the experience of being an active SiS member has benefited me immensely over the last few months:

– I met a ton of talented musicians that I enjoy listening to

– I met a ton of talented musicians that I enjoy chatting to, sharing ideas with, trying to solve common problems that face all of us.

– I got many opportunities to play live shows and even songwriting together.

Last month the awesome David Rix anounced that he wanted to take a break from hosting the Spotted Cow showcase and I ended up inheriting the job. This is so cool for me since now we have many more showcases but the Spotted Cow was the first one and the longest running. In other words, if SiS showcases wereĀ vampires, the Spotted Cow Showcase would be the eldar charismatic vampire that ruled the clan or something šŸ™‚

So this month we have really great performers there. Ron with his silky tenor voice will open the night. Guitar virtuoso Cris and deeply sincere voice of Kate Lynn will flow through you. The contemporary energy of Umber will surprise you and Leo will take you to a journey on a C Major landscape.Ā  I will also play a set.

So come get your monthly fix of healthy / organic /Ā homemade /Ā awesome /Ā local / hip / original music. Spotted Cow is located at:

15118 Main St

Suite 700

Bothell, WA 98012 USA

Upcoming gigs

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

IĀ have two gigs coming up. Friday June 17th I’ll’ be playing at Alki Arts Center at 7
20. Then Saturday July 16 I’ll’ be at Soulfood Books and Cafe in Redmond. More info on these later.

I am also going to be hosting Songwriters in Seattle Showcase at Spotted Cow on July 1st Friday.

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Why the “ing” suffix? Ok I admit this is a weird album release. The plan is to release an EP with 5 tracks in it. I have completed three of them and almost done with the fourth. Since I am giving the album away for free (under Creative Commons Attribution license), I figured why wait. So I uploaded the three tracks together with the album cover art into bandcamp and I will upload the remaining two tracks when I am done.

You can go to my bandcamp site and download hi-fi versions or just stream. I will upload themĀ on various other sites soon (like Revebnation and Soundcloud).

Enjoy and feel free to use, share, remix, etc as long as you mention my name for the original šŸ™‚