“Bilgem is a guitarist/composer based in Seattle, who merges rock, electronica and classical. It’s like Slash and Beethoven were roommates and Delerium occasionally hung out with them.”

Bilgem started making music at early ages by playing keys and singing. Around 6th grade, he started his classical guitar and music theory training and worked with Metin Ozcetin and Gunes Apaydin in Ataturk Anatolian High School. Later, he also started playing acoustic and electric guitar, working with Jennifer Whatley in San Antonio, TX. In mid nineties he started making chip music in the European demoscene on old 8 bit computers. In college, he was part of the progressive rock band Antik in METU Ankara, Turkey. Antik had a loyal and niche following in the campus and played some ambitious and successful shows. During college years Bilgem also had a chance to keep his classical chops as well as venture into Latin American guitar, working with Suat Idilfrom METU Department of Music. He got into recording and composing more symphonic and electronic music during late nineties and became a finalist in a nationwide composing contest in 98. In 2001, life caught up and Bilgem took a break from composing and playing. The break took the next nine years.In 2006 he moved to Seattle.

Towards the end of 2010, he got back into composing, playing and recording. After a while Bilgem found a local non profit organisation called Songwriters in Seattle. He became an active member playing and supporting many live shows and eventually becoming one of the event organisers in SiS. He currently co-writes and co-produces with various Seattle musicians.

In the summer of 2011, Bilgem met and became a part of Turkish cover band Sehr-i Seattle. In addition to his solo career, the band reintroduced him to the world of bands again.

Currently Bilgem regularly performs as solo or with Sehr-i Seattle in and around Seattle Area. He is also producing his first EP Reflections in the Deep.


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