SiS BBQ, Playing in a band, etc…

Posted: September 1, 2011 in fellow musicians, gigs

There has been quite a few things since my last post. I played at the SiS Soulfood books showcase in July and I have two upcoming solo shows in September.

Last weekend we had a SiS BBQ at Chris’s and it was so much fun. About 20 Seattle Songwriters gathered under the nice weather for food and music. Met a few new musicians and had a great time.

I also started playing in a band last month. It is a really unique band called “Sehr-i Seattle”. It is a Turkish Cover band that plays Turkish Pop/Folk/Rock songs. Talk about niche 🙂 The band has 7 other musicians with unique talents. Except for the few rock songs in the set, most of what we play there is way out of my element. But that is why I wanted to play with them in the first place. There is a lot to learn from every genre of music.

So I am gonna have a show with the band in October. More info on that later. Right now we are trying to get ready for the show and there are many new songs to learn for me.

This whole thing made me realise how much I have missed playing with a band. Doing solo acts is fun too, but the live interplay of a bunch of instruments, the energy of a band playing together is something else.

Anyway enough update for now.


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