Hosting Sis Showcase at Spotted Cow Friday July 1st 7.00 pm

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I went to this cool coffee and ice cream shop to see a bunch of local musicians a few months ago. That’s how I met Songwriters in Seattle which I wrote about a few posts before. And the experience of being an active SiS member has benefited me immensely over the last few months:

– I met a ton of talented musicians that I enjoy listening to

– I met a ton of talented musicians that I enjoy chatting to, sharing ideas with, trying to solve common problems that face all of us.

– I got many opportunities to play live shows and even songwriting together.

Last month the awesome David Rix anounced that he wanted to take a break from hosting the Spotted Cow showcase and I ended up inheriting the job. This is so cool for me since now we have many more showcases but the Spotted Cow was the first one and the longest running. In other words, if SiS showcases were vampires, the Spotted Cow Showcase would be the eldar charismatic vampire that ruled the clan or something 🙂

So this month we have really great performers there. Ron with his silky tenor voice will open the night. Guitar virtuoso Cris and deeply sincere voice of Kate Lynn will flow through you. The contemporary energy of Umber will surprise you and Leo will take you to a journey on a C Major landscape.  I will also play a set.

So come get your monthly fix of healthy / organic / homemade / awesome / local / hip / original music. Spotted Cow is located at:

15118 Main St

Suite 700

Bothell, WA 98012 USA
  1. Adena Atkins says:

    Dear Bilgem,

    BLEH! Why do I never make it to all the shows I want to make it to? I bet this was AWESOME! Glad to hear that you have become the oldest ruling song vampire puppeteer. I better stop commenting before this metaphor gets any more convoluted.

    • bilgemcakir says:

      Dear Adena,

      This show did turn out to be awesome. You should come and perform next time and make it even more awesome-er 🙂 I would loooooove to have an electronica act there.

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